Pelvi Medi-Balls

I never thought that I would be the twenty seven year old afraid of trampolines. As a child I would always be found in the backyard coming up with new tricks and tumbles. That wonderful feeling of freedom in the air, defying gravity. Not too long ago it suddenly became a not so wonderful feeling of… did I just pee my pants? I was jumping on the trampoline with my nephew and felt as if I’d completely lost control of my bladder. I felt so embarrassed and frustrated. After two laparoscopies, cystoscopies, bladder biopsies, and the inability to maintain a consistent exercise routine… I suppose it shouldnt have come as much of a surprise.

I had read a lot about pelvic strengthening activities and thought I would give them a go. This was how I found the company called Pelvi. Pelvi has designed pelvic training tools or sometimes better known as kegel balls. Using these on a regular basis can assist in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This helps build a good foundational support for the bladder. Strengthening these muscles can assist in minimising or stopping leaking bladder problems.

Pelvi sent me a package with a complete kit to trial. My first impression was ‘wow’! The packaging and colours were beautiful, especially for someone who loves pink. I had only seen them come in blue on another website that I stock my natural products through. The pelvic balls were a reasonable size. I didnt feel uncomfortable when handling them. I was sent both the single and double set to progress with. They included some water based vegan lubricant and pelvic wash for both the balls and to use in the shower.

On my next day off I sat down and read the instructions on how to get started. They are very simple to use and come with an instruction book on exercises to perform with the balls. The single one was simple to insert with the lubricant and didnt feel heavy or strange once inside. I think wearing a menstrual cup may have helped with this sensation as I was expecting a much heavier feeling. It was quite comfortable and I only noticed the feeling of the weight moving every so often. I wasn't entirely confident doing the exercises with them at first. I decided to go for short walks with them to start with. After a while I was able to wear them during my at home yoga practice. This was better suited to my body as a beginner. I could also place them in my yoga box which would remind me to use them each practice.

I have only been using them a short time and have already felt the difference in my pelvic floor strength. It’s going to take a little bit more training to feel confident enough to get on a trampoline again. Unfortunately I have had to stop using them for a little while as two cysts have grown on my bladder. These are completely unrelated to using the pelvic balls. For now I am taking a break until the cysts are taken care of. Once resolved I will be starting my routine again.

A few tips on using the pelvic balls:

  • Find a comfortable position to insert the balls. I found squatting or laying on my back with knees bent towards ceiling is best for me.

  • Use a generous amount of water based lube your first few times as it helps with insertion.

  • When removing the balls, it can help to push down and breath out as if you were opening your bowels. The ball will be forced down towards the opening making it easier to find the hook to remove.

  • Always wash your hands before and after insertion/removal.

  • Never use pelvic balls on your period.

  • Wash pelvi balls before and after use with warm water and pelvi intimate wash. Using a pH balanced soap is important as other soaps may irritate the vagina and cause infection.