After my second laparoscopy, I was determined to to find alternate methods to managing my pain and other symptoms with natural products. I hated the idea of carrying a mini pharmacy with me everywhere I went in fear of a flare up. After a pretty nasty reaction to several medications during my late teens, I have since been very hesitant to take any medication. I had also become very sensitive to drugs such as aspirin, nurofen, and naprogesic, which would give me stomach cramps and hypotension. There was a brief period where I relied on children’s panadol to relieve a migraine in fear of the side effects of stronger medications. I had discussed this problem with one of my close friends who also suffers with chronic pain. She sent me a link to a product called MyLivia. Immediately, I researched into the device to discover what it could offer me. What exactly did this ‘switch off menstrual pain’ mean and could it actually be real?

MyLivia is a small pulse machine with two flower pads that attach to your lower abdomen (or back), providing an “off switch” for menstrual pain. This technology uses the gateway theory. The best way to describe this would be to visualise a pin pricking your finger, that hurts right? But how do you know that it hurt? Well, when the pin pricks your finger, the nerves underneath are triggered and send signals to your brain alarming it that pain is being inflicted to your finger. Now what does a pin prick have to do with the pain you experience with your reproductive system? The MyLivia technology uses pulses from the tens machine to trick the nerve signals by altering the pathways. Basically the pulses cause the nerve signals to become so distracted that it forgets to tell your brain that you are experiencing pain. Magic!

When I purchased MyLivia I was eager to see if it would help not only the pain I experienced during menstruation but more importantly the everyday pain I have from endo/adeno. I had a flare up a few days after it arrived in the mail. Just as I was about to leave for work, the pain had me doubled over on the bench crying. I quickly attached the machine to my abdomen and no word of a lie… within 30 seconds the pain was almost gone. I went to work with it on, was able to carry out my daily duties and hardly noticed the pain. I was amazed that a tiny little machine could do so much.

Now, I’m sure you're thinking ‘almost gone’? What good is almost gone? Why didn't it stop it all together? At no point did I expect it to take it all away (that would literally be a miracle), as the website clearly states that the product ‘SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES’ pain. That is exactly what it did. This little machine is now a permanent resident of my handbag and goes everywhere with me. On those days that you think you are going to have a good day and out of nowhere your uterus is like, ‘surprise!’, I quickly go to the ladies room, attach the machine and get on with my day.

Here are some tips and things I have discovered since using the product:

  • You can easily exercise whilst wearing it. I’ve done a full yoga session, gone for walks, and light jogs (I don’t run).

  • Going to the bathroom is very daunting the first time. I didn’t really know what to do with it and ended up a tangled mess. To avoid this embarrassment; before you pull your pants down/ skirt up/ whatever you are wearing, simply turn it off, unplug the cord, place the main device on a bench or attach it to your pants, and hold on to the wire (you don’t want it hanging in the toilet). Once you have finished your business; do what you need to do with your clothes first, wash your hands (no germs on the device), and then plug the cord back in and turn it on. I know it sounds complicated but trust me when I say it’s a whole lot easier than what I attempted the first time.

  • It can be worn on your lower back when you get cramping or endo related pain. I wore it on a plane when my back pain was making it hard to sit still.

  • Don’t forget to charge it. Whilst it does last a pretty long time, it’s important to charge it at the end of the day when you aren’t wearing it.

  • Be gentle when removing the flower pads. The sticky pads last longer when you take care of them. Make sure your skin is clean and you always put the clear cover back on after use. I’ve had my machine for about 4 months and I’ve only had to change the pads once.

  • Always check which hole you plug the cord into, you don't want to damage the connection!

  • DO NOT USE if you have a pacemaker! Always check with your doctor before using any new product especially if you have previous health concerns.

This is honestly my little pain saver. It goes everywhere with me and gets used more often than I thought it would because it’s so simple and easy to pop on and wear. Thank you MyLivia for creating a drug free pain relief that has made such a difference in my life!