Modibodi Underwear

I’d like to think that most women have all experienced the absolute horror of waking up to find period blood all over their bed… at least once in their life. This unfortunately was a constant nightmare for me as a teenager and young adult. Finding the right product for your flow is a tedious and expensive mission for women, especially those of us with heavier or unreliable periods. After using the menstrual cup, I realised just how much money I was saving from not purchasing pads or tampons. I was still needing to use liners with my cup for the first couple of days which frustrated me because liners have always caused me a lot of irritation. Over the years, I would say that I’ve tried nearly every major brand of liners available at the supermarkets and chemists in Australia. Even the organic cotton liners seem to upset my pH levels.

I had heard a lot about period underwear but like most women, I was super skeptical about using it. I set out on my quest to find out about these mythical leak free briefs. After searching through a few brands, I settled on an Australian brand called Modibodi. They offer period briefs in a range of sizes and styles which actually look flattering on all body shapes. The best part of their website is that they have women who are completely natural with no touch ups.

I bought a single pair to make sure the sizing was right as they have a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product. Once I tried it on and the fit was perfect, I took the leap of faith and bought the limited edition mixed heavy sensual bundle pack for $203 AUD. Whilst this sounds like an absurd price to pay for 7 pairs of underwear, I weighed up the cost of disposables and how long the underwear would last. I had already reaped the benefits from my menstrual cup purchase so it didn’t take much internal influence to click and complete my order. They arrived within 10 business days, -which this will be my only complaint about this product - in a lot of plastic wrapping. It was frustrating as I felt so excited about the product being environmentally friendly, yet it arrived with all 7 pairs individually wrapped in plastic with tags. On instagram, I noticed a lot of people getting them wrapped in cardboard so I’m not sure why my order was different.

The first day of my period has always been the heaviest and most unreliable direction of flow. Meaning it’s usually the nights you wake up swearing that blood somehow tracked up your butt crack and ended up soaking your underwear, pyjamas and those lovely white sheets your mum just bought you. As soon as I started bleeding, I put my new black undies on and went through the usual first few horrific hours of my period. I went from laying on the couch to raiding the kitchen, crying in bed to crying on the toilet, contemplating the idea of removing my womanhood and remembering it wouldn’t help anyway... you get the picture. I was laying on the couch munching on potato tots and suddenly realised I hadn’t leaked or had to endure disgusting bloody pads all day! Holy moly. They really were mystical leak free magic period underwear!

The real test was the first night and the official challenge I was waiting for. I’m not lying to you when I say I slept like a log. No waking up, no changing pyjamas or sheets the next morning. I woke up with no wet pad between my thighs, no smelly pad to face with my morning wee. My bed was spotless. I was absolutely amazed. The magic underwear had conquered the impossible. The next three days I wore them either alone or with the cup to test the lighter absorbency pairs which all passed with flying colours.

Now to the nitty gritty of the product - cleaning the underwear. It soaks all the blood up but what do I do then? Simple. Once you have removed the underwear, immediately take them to the laundry sink and run them under cold water (never use hot). Gently squeeze the underwear and you will notice the water will start running the blood out. Once the water is clear, gently squeeze any excess water and hang over the tap or sink edge. When you have either finished your period or have a few pairs, pop them in a delicates bag (this helps them last longer), and place them in the washing machine. Add a small amount of detergent or other product you use but never use softener as this degrades the absorbency, and click start! Hang them to dry on a line, (best if you use two pegs on each side as the material is quite heavy when wet) then put away for your next period. Sounds a bit complicated but it's quite simple.

There you have it! Magical leak free period underwear exists! I hope this post encourages you to reduce your environmental impact and switch to cups and period briefs. Not only is it so much better for your body but also for landfill reduction. As a bonus, it also pays off in the long run with your bank account. Upfront fees are always a teeth grinder, but work out how much you spend a month and see how long it would take you to pay them off.

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