Magnesium Spray

Magnesium has been used for many years to naturally treat the human body. It is well known for aiding relief in muscle cramps and period pain. I have been taking the oral supplements on and off for years. I get so many benefits including a restful sleep and pain relief. Like most people, I don't like taking tablets. Especially the football sized magnesium ones! I had seen magnesium sprays were quite popular and wondered if they would help. I had heard of a company called Amazing Oils which came highly recommended to me. I got in contact with them and within a few days my parcel arrived. The package contained magnesium spray, bath salts, a recovery wipe sample, baby wipe sample, and pain relief spray.

My first impression of the spray was interesting. It had no scent which I liked since fragrances often give me headaches. I sprayed on my stomach where my pelvic pain radiates to, and my lower back. I rubbed the fluid into the skin and felt a tingling sensation which passed in seconds. This reaction is normal and usually means the skin is responding to the solution. Before bed I reapplied to these areas as well as the top and bottom of my feet. Spraying the feet is recommended for helping to relax the body. I fell into a deep sleep and only woke once in the early hours of the next morning.

I have been using the magnesium spray for a few weeks now. My quality and quantity of sleep has improved as well as my state of mind. Sleep has been one of my biggest problems to fix since I was a teen. I had insomnia during my final years of high school and fluctuating sleep habits in my twenties. Having a good night’s rest helps me manage my moods, health, and provides more energy for daily tasks. I usually take quite a while to settle into sleep and will wake several times throughout the night. Since using the spray I have had more restful and peaceful sleeps.

The spray on my stomach and back has helped relieve cramping and spasms. Whilst it isn’t magic and hasn’t taken away all my pain, it has helped reduce pain and muscle fatigue. In combination with my other therapies, it has been a positive impact in managing my health. I use the small pain relief bottle on my abdomen during menstruation for a focused effect on the pain. This has helped with the intensity of my period pain, reducing the need for oral analgesics.

Magnesium spray has made a noticeable impact in my sleep habits and reducing my pain. I am very impressed with the benefits I have already had from using it over the past few weeks. I have felt more rested and able to manage my health, mood, and daily activities better. Knowing that the solution is a natural ingredient has been very calming. Taking less analgesics has not only been more cost effective, but a greener choice for my body and planet. I would recommend to check with your doctor before using magnesium products. Follow instructions provided by the company for safe and effective use.