Koh Mop & Essential Oils

I have been using Koh products in my home for a few months now and my home has never felt fresher. There have been no more migraines or nausea (from cleaning) since making the switch to chemical free. Koh kindly sent me some more products to trial after reading my last review. This included the mop and essential oils pack. As soon as I received the parcel, I opened it up to give the mop a go. I was very excited as my friend had raved about how easy it was to use.

The mop comes in a recyclable box with instructions on how to assemble it inside. I managed to do this without any problems as the instructions were very clear. The mop heads come in two colours (green and blue). The blue is for general use of floors especially glossy tiles or floors with more texture. Green is for surfaces that need a little more grip. These are reusable and washable, minimising the spread of bacteria found on mops. Traditional mops harbour many microscopic bugs. These bugs thrive on the damp environment and spread throughout your home.

The universal cleaner is used to fill the bottle attached to the mop. This is great as it means you only need one product that does the whole house. No more shelves filled with different floor cleaners. No more chemicals that disrupt your hormones. It also saves litres of water required to mix the chemical floor cleaners.. which only gets poured down the drain and further damages our environment. Don’t worry if you still have some product left in the tank after mopping, it can be stored and used again next time.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with tiled floor in the entrance, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. With a total of ten sprays of the mop, I managed to clean the entire tiled area. The solution dries in seconds reducing the risks of slips and falls. Leaving no streaks, puddles, or marks, I was very pleased with the end result. The mop is easily stored and accessible for last minute cleans. I remember as a child not being allowed to walk on the floors for at least twenty minutes after my mum mopped. The risk of slipping was high and my little footprints would leave marks all over the tiles. The Koh mop takes away the waiting time and keeps your day running on schedule.

Cleaning the mop heads are simple. Simply remove and pop in the wash with similar colours. Make sure to use no fabric softener as this strips the absorbency technology. It is suggested to wash in water less than 40 degrees celsius. Once washed, place on the line to dry. Do not tumble dry. Store in a dry environment and reuse. You are now an eco warrior and saved the planet from a nasty dose of toxins!

The essential oils trio pack contains three scents. Lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon. The eucalyptus will be welcomed during the cooler months to manage cold and flu season. The lavender provides a calming and peaceful scent. This is suitable for the bedroom and living area. Lemon is a citrusy lift for the kitchen and bathroom, giving a light fragrance to the room. The oils come with an instructions pamphlet that describes how many drops to use. They can be used in both the atomiser and mop. I have even used some in my washing machine when fabric softener is not suitable.

For more information on the products or to buy your own, I have placed a link at the end of this post. For $10 off your first order, use my personalised discount code: THEHEATPACKCLUB
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