Late last year, my friend told me about a cleaning product called Koh from ekoworx. She swore that it had worked wonders in both her and her mum’s home making cleaning an easy and quick task. Her son has asthma and cleaning products have affected the whole family including the dog who sneezes whenever she cleans the house. So when she told me this product changed all of that, I got her to show me the product in action. She had previously cooked for quite a few people and left the oven untouched in preparation to show me what Koh could do. Within minutes, the oven was spotless and the dog was trying to lick the spray off rather than sneezing! I was impressed, so I purchased the starter bundle and waited for it to arrive.

I’d had some trouble keeping my glass areas clean especially in the shower with natural wash build up and decided to leave it for the initial trial at home. Once it arrived, I quickly unpacked it and headed straight for the shower screen which I was ashamed of as I never let my shower get that bad! I spot tested the spray and diamond sponge as recommended with no trouble, so I pressed on and cleaned the rest of the screen. It was incredible. My shower screen looked brand new like the day I moved in. I tried it on a few different surfaces and was beyond pleased with the results.

Instead of having a spray for every surface and room, I now have one spray that does my entire house. There is no fragrance and doesn't leave me scratching my nose off. There are a few surfaces you should avoid as it clearly states on their website but none of those are in my home. It takes me significantly less time to clean and I now only have ¼ of a shelf for my cleaning products rather than a shelf and the cupboard under the laundry sink. It is super cost effective and makes it so much easier than carrying all those different products around the house. It also is great for quick cleans like before guests arrive, midweek, or at the end of every day.

I absolutely love my Koh spray and I’m so happy with my purchase. My home still feels fresh without all the nasty toxins entering my body and making me sick. The company is called ekoworx and is based in Australia. They are certified with the Good Environmental Choice Australia, National Asthma Council Australia, and don’t test on animals! It’s a universal cleaner made of water and potassium mineral salts. The spray can be used for cleaning households, electronic devices, jewellery, fruits and vegetables, and also as a deodoriser. The starter bundle comes with 4 litres of the universal cleaner, atomiser, 4 microfibre cloths, and 3 diamond sponges. I didn’t buy the mop as I already have a steam cleaner but they come highly recommended!

This is brilliant for people with asthma, pet owners, and anyone who wants a fresh clean home without nasty chemicals. It completely satisfied my obsessive cleaning needs but saves me so much time switching between products and feeling utterly rotten afterwards. I still like to steam clean my home every few weeks but this makes the in between a whole lot easier. Cleaning is never a fun task so the less time I spend doing it the better!

For more information on the products or to buy your own, I have placed a link at the end of this post. For $10 off your first order, use my personalised discount code: THEHEATPACKCLUB
For Australian addresses only, can be used once, for bundles only.