The Hello Cup

Did you know the average woman uses around eleven thousand tampons in their lifetime? Since my very first period I have experienced a heavy menstrual flow. Before switching to non disposable period products, I would use up to three boxes of tampons in a period. This is the rough estimate of how many tampons I have used…
15 years x 12 months = 180 months
180 x 16 (minimum) tampons = 2,880 tampons!
This does not include liners or pads. Not forgetting the countless underwear, sheets, towels, clothes, and mattress protectors put to their grave from the scarlet wars they lost a battle to.

A few years ago, I discovered the menstrual cup. Unfortunately this was before I understood the dark secrets of my reproductive system. So of course I bought one online because God forbid I’d get caught in a pharmacy buying one back then. Unfortunately I had a  hard time using it and gave up on the idea altogether. I spent quite a bit of time looking into natural alternatives for period products. This was how I came across the idea of the menstrual cup again. I figured the best bet was to go for a softer cup after my not so great experience with a very firm cup. This was a fantastic introductory cup allowing me to learn more about my period and anatomy.

After using it for about a year, I found I wasn’t getting the leak free seal. I did a headstand in my yoga practice at home and felt the cup move around and leak. This was pretty unpleasant on the way down from the headstand as you can imagine. It was then I knew it was time to search for a new one. I asked around with friends and family and this was how I came across the Hello Cup. My sister had been using it for a while and I loved the look of it when she showed it to me. I did a little more research and decided it looked like the cup for me.

When my Hello Cup package arrived I was so excited to open it. I had been admiring the instagram content for some time and fell in love with the beautiful design. The cup comes in a cylindrical container and feels very personalised from the beginning. The container is mint and pink with some instructions on the side. There is even a dotted line to write your name where it says ‘this cup belongs to’ on the bottom of the container. I thought that was a very personal touch to the packaging. Inside I found the instructions pamphlet and two cotton bags holding a cup in each. I had ordered a small cup in blue for lighter days or when my stubborn cervix decides to sit low. I also got a large in pink for heavy days and a higher cervix position.

Using softer menstrual cups, I found the larger one would never pop open. I would have to wear the smaller size and change every few hours. The large Hello Cup popped open with little effort and stayed in place all day with no leaks at all. I wore my Modibodi underwear but there was no blood when I washed them out at the end of the day. Usually there would be lots with the other cup as it would never stay in place. The smaller one worked just as well and so far I haven’t experienced any leaks. The cup feels very comfortable once inserted unlike the last one. I always felt the stem of it poking out which irritated me. The Hello Cup stem is very round with the grips higher up opposed to on the stem. When my cervix is very low I can sometimes feel the tip of the handle but not enough to worry me.

I am so happy with my Hello Cups. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a medium-firm cup and haven’t been able to get the leak free seal from others. I have a retroverted uterus and was still able to manage the leak free seal which I’ve read many others haven’t. I do suggest doing some research prior to purchasing a cup. They are very personal and its important to get one you are going to feel comfortable with. Whilst I found my previous cup was great for a starting point, it wasn’t quite right for me long term. The best part about cups is that you can sterilise them at home. Using boiling water and (if the cup instructions say its okay) a small Miltons tablet. They can then be recycled, given to a friend, or some companies will collect them to be made into other materials.

Hello Cup offers two cups for a reduced price which saves quite a bit of money. I find that I need to use two different sizes throughout my period depending on my cervix. The packaging and cups are  recyclable reducing our footprint on the planet further. The cups are made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). They contain no hidden nasties such as latex, rubber, PBA’s, or heavy metals. Hello Cup offers worldwide shipping which arrives within ten business days. The cups come in a range of colours and sizes which makes the double cup offer even better. No need to choose between your two favourites!

I will be releasing some more posts about menstrual cups including FAQ’s, folding techniques, and how to clean your cup well. I’ve attached the link for Hello Cup below for those of you interested.