Dusty Girls Makeup

Raise your hand if you have watched one too many youtube clips on how to get that flawless natural makeup look. Keep them raised if you still have no idea what you are doing? *raises both hands*

I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup unless it’s a special occassion or halloween. Finding products that work for my sensitive skin has been tricky. So has finding non toxic brands that aren’t super expensive. Most days I only put some mascara on so I don’t look like a white ghost with my pale complexion and blonde lashes. Finally I found a makeup brand that doesn't irritate me, doesn't test on animals, and doesn't break the bank! Introducing... Dusty Girls. This makeup brand is also linked to the company Moogoo which I use for most of my other body products. This was how I found out about the makeup brand.

My favourite product is the tinted moisturiser. It gives me a very natural glow and everybody comments on my skin when I wear it! I wear this most days, especially if I’m going out somewhere. It doesn’t feel thick when applied and gives a very natural look opposed to liquid foundations. You also only need a pea sized amount for your whole face!

The natural mineral mascara is my new best friend. I love not having itchy eyes all the time! I have always been someone who wore dark brown mascara. So I was happy to find that the night fall black colour suited me for everyday use. The only downfall to this product is that it smudges easily and is difficult to wash off. I use coconut oil or a non toxic makeup remover before my nightly shower and this helps remove the bulk of it.

The eyeshadows are the best I have ever used. They never irritate my eyes and the colours can be used to go from a subtle natural look to a smokey night theme. The dark cacao is great to outline the eye for a more dramatic effect and build a darker look. Summer tan suits my skin type and highlights the eyelid for a natural aesthetic look. These two were a perfect introduction for me and what I wear makeup for. The going buff eyeshadow was an excellent addition. It builds a lighter base when I apply it with one or both of the other shades. It’s a very light colour and can be used all over or in the corner of the eyes to highlight.

It took a little bit of practice to work out how to use the mineral foundation powder, highlighter, and bronzer. All I can say is I won’t be going through these very often as I only have to use a very small amount to give myself a healthy glow. The mineral bronzer can be applied under the cheek bones to build depth and colour. Don’t make my mistake and apply too much, start with a small amount and build as desired. The mineral highlighter is applied to the top of the cheek, brows, and eyelids to highlight. For a glowing effect, use some on a kabuki brush all over the face as a light finish.

Choosing the right mineral foundation was tricky. Dusty Girls have recently updated their colours and most stockists only supply the old foundations. I went online and assessed the colour pallette supplied. I decided the light/medium would be a good tone for my skin. It was a little lighter than I'd hoped but will likely be perfect for winter when my skin is paler. Otherwise this product was great. Again, I only needed small amounts to give myself a fresh look. I use this alone, or with the highlighter and bronzer.

The only reason I didn’t get the vegan brush collection from Dusty Girls was because I wanted a bigger range. My sister ended up buying me a vegan set from nourished life which has more of a range for me to use. I like the canvas roller bag it comes in keeping the brushes neat. The kabuki brush from Dusty Girls feels so nice when applying makeup compared to other brushes I’ve used in the past. I use it for the mineral foundation powder or as a blender.

That’s all the products for now. I hope this was helpful for anyone looking to switch to vegan and non toxic makeup! I really do love this brand and how affordable their products are. I definitely recommend trying their products.