Welcome to THPC!

Welcome to the official blog of The Heat Pack Club!

I’m so excited to finally start releasing the content I have quietly been working on for a few months. For the readers who follow me on instagram @theheatpackclub, you will be aware that my content is 100% honest, raw, and specifically created to provide insight to living with endometriosis, adenomyosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and chronic pelvic pain. I aim to deliver information that:

  • Promotes self love and care

  • Raises awareness on opioid dependency

  • Increases knowledge of natural methods of pain relief

  • Raises awareness of toxins and chemicals in the home that affect hormones

  • Reviews products

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: let you know that you ARE NOT alone!

I have spent hours and hours researching, trialling products and services, to improve my health and find natural ways to manage my pain and overall health. It seemed pretty selfish to keep it all to myself, especially when I found things that worked. This is why I decided to launch a blog dedicated to sharing information to help women manage pain more effectively. There will also be posts for the people out there who know someone living with these conditions. It can be very challenging to understand how to support and care for those living with an invisible illness, I hope that these particular posts will offer some insight and understanding.

I would like to ensure all readers understand that the information I provide is based on my personal condition, journey, and circumstances. I prefer to be brutally honest when writing about experiences that have impacted MY personal growth but this does not mean it will be the case for everyone. You will read it often in my blogs especially when reviewing products that whilst I am writing about a product that works for me, it is up to the reader to do their own research and decide if it is right for them to try. It is important to highlight that I have purchased all products and am not sponsored or affiliated with any brands at this time.

My hope is that this information is helpful and provides a foundation for change in the way that women manage their health. Opioid dependency is vastly growing, causing huge issues in our healthcare. Whilst I recommend natural methods, there is no shame or judgement in taking pain relief medication or opioids when necessary. I still use medication for severe pain when I’ve exhausted all other methods. Remember that you are the judge of your own pain. I aim to help women increase their knowledge and awareness of different techniques, products, and treatments that minimises toxins and chemicals when managing their reproductive and overall health.

Thank you for reading!