Low Tox Life

Low tox living is slowly emerging as consumers and scientists are beginning to identify links from harmful chemicals that cause reactions or illnesses. Organic products are becoming more available and affordable as the fight against animal testing continues and dangerous additives are causing more problems. Childhood allergies, cancer, and asthma are rapidly growing giving an additional rise to medication dependency. After listening to an interesting podcast about hormones and how chemicals affect them, I was frantically taking notes on how to eliminate chemicals in my home.

I started with cleaning products, probably the largest and most obvious chemicals in my household. Having a mild self/peer diagnosed case of OCD combined with simple allergies means I have always been pedantic about keeping a clean home. I grew up understanding that bleach was the master of killing all bathroom germs, little did I know this wasn't actually true. Only in the last few years I have begun to understand the damage those products have had on my body. Most of the time I would have a headache after cleaning and feel exhausted. Often the products would make me sneeze or give me a tight chest. You would think that was a warning sign that it was harmful, but I continued to clean as I didn't really know any better.

Making the switch to organic and low toxin cleaners was easy and affordable but I still found the fragrances irritated me. I would cough and sneeze when cleaning the bathroom, as well as feel dizzy in the shower. It took me some time to find the right product for my home so don’t lose hope if the first lot doesn’t work. Purchasing a steam mop was a great decision as it does not require anything but water! It also has attachments to clean multiple surfaces in the home, making it so much simpler but still getting that fresh clean feel. It also saves me from having to buy floor cleaners! Every now and then I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in for the floors especially during winter if the flu is going around.

It was then onto the personal products. I had a massive clean out of my bathroom and stock cupboard. Reading the chemicals listed and realising what dangerous toxins I had been using was enough to get them tossed into the trash. I bought new makeup, deodorant, soap, hair products, creams… you name it and it was replaced (blog posts coming to review all these products!). The only thing I still use that probably isn't very good is my colgate toothpaste, I haven't been brave enough to try a new toothpaste until I have researched organic alternatives. My teeth are super important to me and I take very good care of them!

Lastly, I attacked my food cupboard. Thankfully I have changed my food choices over the past few years so there wasn't much to change in there. Unfortunately I had only bought my plastic tupperware in the past 12 months and didn't want to throw it out since glass replacements are pretty expensive for the amount that I use. Did you know that when plastic tupperware is heated, it releases certain toxins that cause imbalances to hormones? I simply use it for storage, being sure to let food cool before storing it. I make sure to transfer food to a plate or bowl before heating to minimise any toxins releasing.

I am still reasonably new to my toxic free adventure so I look forward to trialling and reviewing products and telling you all about them. I would definitely recommend listening to the podcast which can be accessed on Spotify. Search ‘The Period Party’ and its podcast #68 ‘chemical toxins in your home that can be messing with your hormones’. Alternatively, clink on the link supplied below. Keep posted for lots of toxic free products and how they can benefit your health!

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash