About the heat pack club


The number one thing I have always used when I experience period related pain has been a heat pack.

It seemed like the perfect name for a club where all women, particularly those with period/reproductive related health problems could come together. Periods have been a taboo topic for so many years, making women feel like they cant be open and talk about their menstrual health. Women are made to feel like it’s something they just have to deal with simply because they’re a woman. I was fed up with the taboo and wanted my story to be heard. In April 2017, I launched an instagram with a simple goal in mind; to feel less alone and feel like I had a voice as a woman. And that is how The Heat Pack Club started.

My first few months of posting was overwhelming. I was getting messages from so many women asking questions and wanting to know my experiences. Hearing other women’s stories and seeing their battles with each post or story, gave me so much hope and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my own struggles. I found it hard to find content to post that I thought would be helpful or inspiring, but the feedback from each post was always positive and kept me engaged in committing myself to giving back to this community. There were nights I would lay awake crying in pain or wide awake for no reason at all. I’d always find comfort in the lonely hours of the night with someone who had also posted about not being able to sleep. I had achieved half of my goal, feeling less alone.

As my followers slowly grew, it dawned on me that almost every follower I had was a person living with or knew someone with endometriosis. Every person was living in pain. I stopped posting after this and rarely opened my account. It was too hard to listen to another story and know that more and more women were being diagnosed every day. My heart was heavy. Why was endometriosis growing at such a rapid rate? Why had I never heard of this before my early twenties? I was angry. Angry at doctors, at schools for not educating young women more, and at myself for believing all those doctors who told me that it was just “women’s problems”.  

My time off posting wasn’t wasted, I had begun to research and test different products and services associated with managing my pain and symptoms. I had found quite a few things that had improved my quality of life and it felt selfish to keep these to myself. So I started looking further into products and services that could improve my health. I started writing everything down and when I had a few documents finished with my honest reviews, I knew I needed something more than instagram. I started designing this website, thinking of all the different people who could possibly read it. It needed to be helpful for women of all ages and identities.

That brings us to here and now, where the website is now active and accessible to everyone. Providing me with the second half of my goal; to have a voice as a woman. This blog gives me a platform to make a difference and reach out to the young girl worried about her heavy periods, crying in the school bathroom because she is experiencing a pain that nobody will believe. My only wish is that this blog gives hope and makes someone else feel less alone.